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The SOLIANI SAS is a company founded in 1954 by Soliani senior as a brokerage house for zootechnical products, oilseeds and zootechnical raw materials. As second generation Giuseppe SOLIANI is registred at n. 1551 of the Italian Registred Agent in Reggio Emilia since 1982. After 1990 Soliani sas specializes also in the finding of material for the renewable energy besides keeping its role of company inside the zootechnical area.

The Soliani sas is member of the MILAN Grain Exchange, VERONA Grain Exchange and BOLOGNA Grain Exange, member of ITABIA and expert in new contract terms for biomass delivery in European internal and external market as freelance both in technical part that in the driving plants using solid and liquid biomass and biogas.

Today we can boast continuous partnerships that allow us to be leader in the Mediterranean area, Asiatic Countries, Argentina, Brasil, East European Countries for the trade of the DRIED OLIVE KERNEL AND PULP, and to act in the market of materials from renewable sources, such as PKS, WOOD CHIPS, ALMOND SHELLS, OLIVE STONES we can delivery also Glycerine, Palm Olein, Soybean Oil, and many vegetables oils all traceable and sustainable.

We boast continuous collaborations with many vegetable fuel plants from 10 to 40 Megawatts and also many from 1 to 5 Megawatt. We are interested in project plants and finding related machinery, brand new or second hand made. We are expert in strategy for finding fuels for plants.

We are also partner of leader companies in making industrial plants and driving plants using biogas and biomethane in Europe and foreign countries.

We can follow completely our contracts, without logistic problems, comercial problems, and specific problems due to actual law and terms as experts registred for logistics, payments, delivery and agreements.


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Soliani Sas - Via Vallisneri, 17/v- Scandiano RE - Italy - Tel. 0039 0522 - 851314 - Telefax 0039 0522 - 8511066 email : solianigiuseppe@gmail.com