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We are a brokerage group since 1960, we can draft, follow and carry out each transaction with national, international and customized contracts.

We work continuously with Maritim Brokers with wich we made customized transport contracts for this special goods .We actively work with MILAN Grain Exchange and BOLOGNA Grain Echange and we are daily updated about resolve problems to use goods, current prices and delivery volumes in medium and long terms.

We know national and international specific law and we were many times as judge in specific disputes .

We are also able to follow financial terms working with specific expert managers.

Thanks to our experience and knowledge, we can assure any kind of national and international logistics services, including sea freight. Our long-standing partnership with sea freight brokerage companies allows us to CHECK, PREPARE AND DRAFT sea freight contracts.
Because of that we are able to solve all the important issues related to the logistical transport of the goods with accuracy and expertise.
By truck : this is the most used means of transport in Italy. We can arrange delivery by any kind of truck ranging from 80m3 to 100 m3 including dedicated or special transport.
By sea: we can find solutions for any size of cargo up to 10.000 TN, in the Mediterranean area and for intercontinental destinations.
Our services include draft, check and signature of direct freight contracts.
Loading ad unloading assistance is provided by our trustworthy and reliable sea freight companies.
By rail: this means of transport is not much used in the Italian domestic transport system but has good developing opportunities.


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