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About Soliani sas

The SOLIANI SAS Company was founded in 1954 by Sergio Soliani as a brokerage agency in the field of livestock sub-products, oil seeds, vegetable oils and livestock raw materials.

The second generation, Giuseppe Soliani, is the current owner and sole administrator of the Company. In 1982 he enrolled in the register of Agents of Reggio Emilia under no. 1511. After 1990 our Company has focussed both on vegetable-based solid fuels (BIOMASSES) for power co-generation industries and trigeneration from renewable energy sources and liquid fuels ((OILS FROM A SUSTAINABLE AND TRACEABLE ENERGY SUPPLY CHAIN). ).

In the livestock industry, the main areas of activity are the livestock sub-products and the special oils sectors, e.g. olive cake and grape seeds. We supply livestock special products oenocyanine and corncobs for highly-specialised food and feed companies.

Our Company cooperated with partners that are LEADERS in the production of grape and olive by-products drying and processing systems, with a special focus on fumes and odours separation and scrubbing systems (scrubbers and electrostatic precipitators). A Mediterranean network has been created both for the production and processing of grape and olive by-products and for fodder and by-products drying process.

In order to be able to meet our international commitments, we cooperate and enter into specific naval logistics agreements and international contracts in particular, together with the ICC of Rome and the Assogranaria of Milan.

Our Company is a long-standing member of the GRAIN ASSOCIATION OF MILAN, where we perform amicable compositions of matters falling within our competence, and we used to be member of the GRAIN ASSOCIATION OF VERONA and the GRAIN ASSOCIATION OF BOLOGNA, that we left because we could not participate regularly and re-organise our markets.

In 2012, we were awarded with the CERTIQUALITY DT54 certification and still today we are one of the few certified companies for brokerage activities at a national and international level.

We are a member of ITABIA and independent consultants for BMTI (the Italian electronic stock exchange).

We can currently boast a steady cooperation with suppliers of products from renewable sources from the whole Mediterranean area, Asia, Argentina, Brazil and Eastern Europe.

We are leaders in supplying OLIVE CAKE, OLIVE STONES, ALMOND SHELLS, GRAPE SEED FLOUR and PKS and we can establish a permanent cooperation for the supply of WOOD CHIPS, SRM and EWC-code products: PULPER, RDF, MEAT AND BONE MEAL and CHIPS not from virgin wood.

We can also enter in permanent contracts for the supply of VEGETABLE OILS FROM SUSTAINABLE AND TRACEABLE SUPPLY CHAIN and SOY SEEDS, , PALM KERNELS and relevant by-products and GLYCERIN and glycerin by-products.

We have established long-term relationships with almost all the biomass power plants in Italy, from 10 to 40 Megawatts, and with many 1 to 5 Megawatt liquid or solid fuel power plants.

We are also partners of leader companies in the sector of plant engineering and Biogas and Bio-methane plants supply and management in Italy and abroad..

We can guarantee the full management of our agreements, as we are registered as experts in the following sectors: Logistics, payment management, deliveries and any arbitration that may arise from the execution of the contract.